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Whitepine Joint School District

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    The Whitepine School District is excited to announce that we have qualified for free breakfast and lunch for all students until December 31st 2020. This change will take place immediately. We encourage as many students as possible to participate. 


    For parents/guardians who pay for meals, we are able to backdate the free meals to September 1st. We will credit your account and we can hold the credit until the free meals expire on December 21st 2020 at which point we will begin charging again for those who do not qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. 

    Trustee Zones

    School District Trustee Zones are certified by the State Board of Education following the Federal Census each decade.  Based on some inconsistencies in various maps since 2011, we have replotted the legal descriptions and found that our newly-appointed Zone 4 Trustee, Kim Workman, had been incorrectly advised by previous administrators, and actually resides in Zone 3.  Her appointment will therefore be rescinded at the next Board meeting. In the nine years since its preparation, other technical errors may have occurred, and we are working with the Latah County Auditor to ensure that any maps and lists that they produce are in agreement with the State Board documents.

    The confirmed Zone legal descriptions are available for viewing.

    Whitepine Joint School District Zones Legal Descriptions

    Thank you to those who brought this problem to our attention, and our apologies to Kim Workman and any others who were inconvenienced by these errors.  

    Operations Update 8-12-20

    Mr. Jared and Mr. Monk have provided additional information for the general operations of the Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Click the these links to learn school specific information.

    Bovill & Deary Elementary Schools

    Deary Middle & High Schools


    Approved Reopening Plan


    August 11, 2020

    The Board of Trustees of the Whitepine School District has approved the standards that will present the best chances for our schools to reopen and to stay open as long as possible.  Because of the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, this plan remains subject to later revision.

    One revision to the draft was made:  In order to provide as safe an environment as possible, and to minimize possible required closures in the future, the first point describing our operations in the GREEN category was updated to read:

    Here’s what to expect:  Social distancing whenever possible and reasonable with face-coverings required when social distancing is not feasible.  This applies during the regular school day and the associated busing, but recess, Physical Education classes, and mealtimes are exempt.

    In other words, face coverings are required ONLY when the activity or the physical space prevents Social Distancing.  The District is dedicated to increasing the opportunities for Social Distancing as much as possible.

    Based on guidance from the CDC and from the State of Idaho Public Health Department, current infection data would allow our schools to open in the GREEN category at this time (although that data continues to change).

    The three actions identified as critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19 are:

    ·        Face-coverings

    ·        Social Distancing

    ·        Hand-washing

    The more these are practiced, the better our chances of avoiding future closures.  In case a student or employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, the length and coverage of a required school closure will be minimized to the degree that these three practices have been in place.

    The staff is continuing to develop the specific ways in which each school will operate, and details will be sent to each family, and posted publicly, as soon as these details are in place.

    District Reopening Plan Approved 8-21-2020

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