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Title IX Policy Information:

Additional policy information regarding Title IX can be found in Board Policies 3085, 3085F1, 3085F2 & 3085P

Title IX

Sexual Misconduct - Know Your Rights

What is Title IX?

A Federal Regulation that protects everyone, both students and staff, from sexual misconduct and discrimination regardless of: Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Expression.

This means you have a right to be free from:

  • Unequal treatment in educational programs or employment,
  • Sexual Harassment, such as unwelcome sexual advances, stalking or harassment on social media,
  • Sexual violence, such as sexual assault, dating violence or domestic violence

For more information or to report potential Title IX concerns, please contact your building administrator or the Whitepine Joint School District #288 Coordinator.

Whitepine Joint School District #288

Kendrick Jared, Title IX Coordinator


P O Box 249

Deary, ID 83823

Coordinator Training received from